OBMAR Marine Observation Days

The NGO Xaloc moves to Dénia for a week to schedule a new cetacean sighting volunteer on the coasts of the Valencian Community

The NGO Xaloc is carrying out the programming of a new volunteer, whale watching from Dénia, an idyllic place for any lover of the marine environment. From its marine reserve in Cabo de San Antonio, approximately 40 whales have been sighted this season.

The volunteering will consist of a week of Marine Observation, organized by the Dénia City Council, in which the volunteers will accompany a team of scientists and biologists from Xaloc, the Department of the Environment and the University of Valencia, both from boat and from land, to try to collect cetacean data in the reserve area. Volunteering will take place at the time of passage of the fin whale, a whale recognized for being the second largest animal in the world. All kinds of marine animals will be registered, such as whales, dolphins, seabirds, an underwater species census in the Les Rotes area, etc …

A week that will not only focus on the scientific study of whale watching, but also seeks to tune into nature, kayak routes, snorkel through the reserve, walks and excursions around the cape, its caves and cliffs. The objective, marine awareness from scientific research and environmental dissemination, bringing science closer to citizens.

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