The southern connection works with the AP-7 highway in Oliva have been awarded

The works have a budget of 24 million euros

The Ministry of Public Works has awarded the works for the southern connection of Oliva with the AP-7 highway in its first phase. It is an action valued at almost 24 million euros with which a 3 kilometer section will be executed that will serve as access to the AP-7 through the southern area of ​​the city.

This project has long been vindicated by the Oliva City Council and by numerous business and social groups since, starting in January 2020, the AP-7 motorway concession ends and it will be possible to move freely on this road. However, as confirmed by the mayor of OIiva, David González , it will not be until the end of the year when the works begin, which will last at least until the year 2022.

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